Family Law

Divorce is traumatic. So your divorce lawyer should ease, and not aggravate, the process.  Too often, divorce takes on a life of its own, with delays and escalating costs, often instigated by the lawyers.

The needs and goals of our clients are our only concerns.  Our firm’s philosophy compels us to guide you through the divorce process, vigorously defending your rights and interests.  We believe that by communicating with you, understanding your needs and objectives, and setting goals and plans, we can help manage the divorce process, keep your costs down, and minimize your anxiety.

Divorce lawyers are often reactive — not strategic.  You will see in your first meeting with us that we fully explain the process to you, focus on your goals, and work with you to create a plan to attain your goals in a cost-effective manner.

We are mindful that divorce cases differ from other disputes in court, because when you harm your opponent in a divorce, you can harm your children and the community assets.  We understand the need to balance the competing interests of cooperative versus aggressive litigation.  We attempt to resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible, but we aggressively advocate in court when the situation dictates.  Our philosophy helps us obtain reasonable, realistic and cost-effective results.

Our firm focuses its practice on family law, business litigation, commercial bankruptcy, and trusts and estates litigation.  Often, the issues that arise in family law matters overlap these other areas.  Because we have expertise in all of these areas, we can efficiently handle the overlapping issues without bringing on additional lawyers from other firms.  Many family lawyers cannot do this.

Another significant expense in a divorce can be the retention of forensic accountants to value the parties’ business or assets, trace community and separate assets, and calculate income available for alimony and child support.  We work with a select group of experienced, responsive and practical forensic accountants to keep these costs down while giving you the best results.